Editorial: Queer politics

The Editor comments on the upcoming tory leadership election, the implications for LGBTQ+ rights in the UK and how it might not all be bad thanks to some [not so] quiet heroes.

Editorial: Warped logic

The Queerness Editor comments on the recent news coming out of the US: The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs Wade.

Challenging transphobia in the media: a 13-step guide

Our guest writer Claire Mullaly, a trade unionist and LGBTQ+ activist, discusses with Trans Media Watch all about challenging transphobia in the media: the 13 steps to beat the ‘active violence of silence’.

When holding hands is a fine line between pride and fear

Guest writer Otis Robinson takes us on a personal journey on what it is like to be out in queer Britain, and the difficulties we still face.

Losing my religion

Our guest writer Seven Victor discusses the impact of internalised transphobia, acceptance and moving forward.

Transgender Trend follow in the footsteps of other anti LGBTQ+ organisations

Two of our curators, teacher Annette Pryce and psychotherapist Karen Pollock discuss the publication of advice for schools by the anti-trans lobby group Transgender Trend

[a montage of images from Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, universally portraying cis, femme women with the colour pink dominating]

Cissexism could cost lives to cervical cancer

As Cervical Cancer Prevention Week comes to an end, Sam Hope reflects on how the campaigning often neglects groups who may be particularly at risk

Dealing with Jo Johnson, Julie Bindel, and your racist Uncle

Minister Jo Johnson threatens to fine universities for not "allowing free speech" and the BBC uncritically wheels out Julie Bindel on Boxing day to support the Tory. Sam Hope explores the growing phenomenon of "free speech" authoritarianism

Why anti trans feminists are setting back women’s civil rights

Queerness Curator Sam Hope demonstrates why the feminist anti-trans lobby are doing Patriarchy's work for it, and makes some radical suggestions for ways forward.

Suffer little children

Karen Pollock takes issue with the latest gutter press article about trans young people.