Queer representation in Doctor Who: Conversations with my 13 year old self

Joint editor Annette Pryce discusses the latest episode of Doctor Who. A very personal review of where we now exist in this cultural shift and its significance for Gen X viewers so used to never quite getting what they need from mainstream media.

Queer Media; it’s time to do better bi us

In light of recent biphobic articles published by queer media outlets, Lois Shearing addresses some of the myths perpetuated both outside of and within the LGBTQ+ community.

When free speech means bullies yelling over bigots

It is not in the public interest to broadcast the opinions of people who believe in "curing" us.  Is it a free speech issue? Louise McCudden explores the hypocrisy. 

The rise of LGBTQ+ awareness in mainstream media

Guest writer, Hadley Stewart, examines the situation of LGBTQ+ journalism.

When employers are transphobic: the enemy within

Due to the content of this post, the writer has request anonymity to be able to safely reveal the struggle of working for an organisation that aids transphobia.

5 albums released by queer artists in 2016 that you should know  

Queer artists are often relegated to the sidelines. Curator, Michael Paramo, lists 5 albums released by queer artists in 2016 that you should know.

Eclecticism shines through on The Bleeding Obvious’ debut album

Michael Paramo explores the diverse musical styles and influences on The Bleeding Obvious' self-titled debut album to be released November 17th

Tatianna serves pop goddess on new single ‘Transform’

Drag queen Tatianna releases new single 'Transform' after her appearance on 'Rupaul's Drag Race: All Stars' season 2. Michael Paramo provides a quick overview of the single.

Album Review: Hedonism by Cakes Da Killa

Michael Paramo explores Cakes Da Killa's debut album 'Hedonism' and why it succeeds as a personal statement of self-empowerment amid its most compelling atmosphere of dark cyclonic energy.

20 songs released by queer artists in 2016 that you should know

Queer artists in music are often invisible or ignored. Michael Paramo compiles a list of 20 of the best songs released by queer artists in 2016 that you should know.