Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz: TQ meets the author

Ely Percy, an established Scottish writer talks to The Queerness about her soon to be published novel about lesbian life for her chosen protagonist in the early noughties. It has something for everyone, whether the protagonist excites or annoys you, you'll definitely want to find out what happens. 

“Queer has 5,000,000 definitions and they’re all correct” – an interview with Rosarlian

Megan Rosalarian is a queer comic creator, artist and burlesque dancer. As a creative who makes a living from the web, she has been very vocal about the recent threat to Net Neutrality in America. Lois Shearing caught her with to discuss the issue, her feelings about labels, and her plans for 2018.

Book review: Vow of Celibacy – Erin Judge

Lois Shearing reviews previous Bisexual Book award winner, Vow of Celibacy; a flirty, fun, an undeniably sexy exploration through one woman's love live.

Queer Media; it’s time to do better bi us

In light of recent biphobic articles published by queer media outlets, Lois Shearing addresses some of the myths perpetuated both outside of and within the LGBTQ+ community.

What it’s like to be out but not out-out as a bisexual

Lois Shearing explores what it means to be out, but not out-out as a bisexual and why it's important to respect our identity, even if we sometimes let ourselves 'pass'.

How to celebrate Bi Visibility Day if you aren’t bi

For Bisexual Visibility Day, Lois Shearing explores that ways that non-bisexual people can celebrate and be better allies to the bi+ community. Today is Bisexual Visibility Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the issues faced by the bi+ community, but also celebrating our diversity and resilience. Maybe you've seen a few people posting about it … Continue reading How to celebrate Bi Visibility Day if you aren’t bi

From a lesbian-loving lesbian to AfterEllen: Please don’t break my heart

Guest writer Caitlin Logan shares her thoughts and feelings on AfterEllen’s worrying proximity to anti-trans politics.

Review: The Fire Eater’s Lover by Sophia Blackwell

For this month's theme of Book Club, Lois Shearing reviews second anthology The Fire Eater's Lover, which celebrates all things related to performance. Whether its getting up on stage, dressing up for a night out, or seducing a lover, The Fire Eater's Lover heaves with the beauty of all the rituals and tribulations of everyday life.

Debunking myths: Why Supergirl isn’t as bad as you think it is

Guest writer Ell M. responds to Stephanie Farnsworth's recent article critiquing LGBTQ+ representation on 'Supergirl'.

Coming out when you’re a British south Asian

In a very personal piece, first published on, guest writer Pamela Chabba shares her own coming out story as a British South Asian woman