The bisexual performer

Guest writer Alex Rivers takes us on a biographical personal journey through his burgeoning sexual identity.

When holding hands is a fine line between pride and fear

Guest writer Otis Robinson takes us on a personal journey on what it is like to be out in queer Britain, and the difficulties we still face.

A journey through misogyny

Annette Pryce explores what it's really like for women in the LGBTQ+ community when they experience sexism and sexist behaviour at the hands of men both inside and outside of the circle.

Queer Media; it’s time to do better bi us

In light of recent biphobic articles published by queer media outlets, Lois Shearing addresses some of the myths perpetuated both outside of and within the LGBTQ+ community.

You are queer enough

Our curator Karen Pollock puts out a heartfelt plea for LGBTQ+ people to stop excluding those who don't meet arbitary standards from the community.

Bisexuality and stigma shift to acceptance

Stigma is one of the major issues facing the bisexual community, creating mental and physical health issues, while keeping people closeted in fear of rejection. Andrew Macdougall takes a look.

Beyond invisibility: 5 issues facing the bisexual community

Despite all the erasure of bisexuality that may have happened this Pride season, Lois Shearing asks whether it is time to stop looking past visibility as the main issue facing the bisexual community, to focus on the systematic violence and oppression facing bisexuals

An open letter to young bisexual people this Pride season

Following the incident in which no bisexual organisations were going to march in the Pride in London parade until UK Pride gave up half their slots, Lois Shearing addresses the isloation that young bi people may feel during Pride season.

Would you like a side helping of biphobia with that? The Gay UK and stigmatising bisexuality

Guest writer, Rachel Charlton-Dailey examines how The Gay UK's Twitter polls were biphobic.

We need Boy George like a fish needs a bicycle

After Boy George's biphobic twitter comments, Karen Pollock argues that it is time for the LGBTQ+ community to stop defending people based on who they might have been in their personal coming out story