Core Issues Trust – therapists or just common or garden bigots?

Edit 07/02/2018: Vue cinemas have confirmed that the film is not being shown, however Core Issues Trust continue to promte conversion therapy. Karen Pollock looks at just what Core believe.

We stand with Feminist Ire

TQ shows our support for and solidarity with Irish Feminists and their open letter to the organisers of the "We need to talk" tour

Is it love?

The marriage of two straight men in Ireland has drawn criticism from many quarters, our curator Karen Pollock explores why LGBTQ+ people should be congratulating them

How Twitter’s #bisexual ban perpetuates bi-erasure

Holly explores why the Twitter bisexual ban is about more than easy to use social media search tools

USA, Japan and China among 13 countries failing to support UN condemnation of the death penalty for homosexuality

Ibtisam Ahmed examines the voting patterns in a historic UN resolution supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

Gender in school is about more than uniforms

Guest writer, Hadley, reflects on the issue of gender in relation to school uniforms.

When free speech means bullies yelling over bigots

It is not in the public interest to broadcast the opinions of people who believe in "curing" us.  Is it a free speech issue? Louise McCudden explores the hypocrisy. 

Do we need another role model?

A guest writer Gareth Davies challenges those who have been critical of Colin Jackson for not coming out sooner, and asks what exactly is a role model?

Who are the DUP and why should we worry?

On the back of the announcement of the hung parliament Dónal Murray-Ferris profiles just who exactly the DUP are, and why this doesn't promise a good future for the LGBTQ+ community

The UK does not need a cut price Caitlyn Jenner

To kick of our Gender Month, Karen Pollock expresses her disappointment with celebrities who want to police who is "trans enough".