Song Review: ‘Easy Target’ is female empowerment at its finest

Kerri Wynter reviews Bitch’s latest release, ‘Easy Target’, a haunting ballad that dissects the reality of being a woman in the 21st century.

Bitch, also known as Capital B, raised her fist and empowered women from all walks of life when she released the video for ‘New Year’ at the beginning of 2019. Wearing a DIY cape, seemingly made out of a man’s suit jacket and decorated in graffiti which read: “Girl F**king Power;” it was clear that this artist was here to make a change.

Proving that she can “take a stand”, Bitch is back with new single, ‘Easy Target’. The song’s artwork pays homage to the bejewelled broomstick featured in her most recent video, available to watch here.

Commenting on the over-sexualisation of women’s bodies, Bitch sings “like chin and sin is all I’m made of, and all I’m made in.” The latter highlighting that none of us would be here if it wasn’t for our mothers. So, why are people so quick to discourage and discredit women?

Females are at a disadvantage from the moment they’re born – “It’s a man’s world” – and society does not recognise the struggles that women across the world face: from period poverty and sexual assault to catcalling and misogyny. Bitch highlights the importance of being proud of your ability to “take it like a man” despite the setbacks you may have faced.

The reality of the line, “It’s ok, I know how the man always gets his way”, is enough to turn any stomach, though the dedication of this track to “the countless women who stand up and tell their truth” will hopefully encourage others to share their stories, as well as urge society to fight for what is right: putting an end to men taking advantage of women.

Another of the song’s hard-hitting lyrics, “all your talk about how I walk, put a limp in my step” highlights how persistent negative commentary can affect someone’s confidence, leading to an altercation in the way they view and physically carry themselves. So, despite the popular nursery rhyme, words can definitely hurt you.

On the flip side, the power of words can be used for good; and there’s no doubt that Bitch has used the same medium to install confidence in women across the globe. The song’s repetitive chorus– “I’m an easy target. At the end of the day, I’m still proud” – highlights that we cannot control the cards life deals us, but we are always able to alter our outlook to prevent total loss of hope.

The backing track, like that of a heart-rate monitor, acts as a countdown to the listener’s realisation of their own of self-worth. As the song’s consistent beat is enhanced with the introduction of a violin, proving time to reflect on Bitch’s heartfelt message.

Click here for more information on how to buy Easy Target.

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