The measure of a man

The theme for July is ‘Masculinity’, introduced by our curator Karen Pollock

Alongside our news, reviews, long reads, and queer commentary, we have a featured theme each month, where we try to explore a topic in more depth. This July, we are looking at masculinity, so often seen to be a problem to be solved, rarely discussed in and of itself.

Does the gay community have to look at its views of masculinity, and how that affects everything from safe sex to body image? Are certain forms of masculinity deemed to be lesser, or even unqueer? How do we respond to the fetishisation of men of colour as hypermasculine? In our discussions of gender, are we forgetting about the experience of trans masculine people?

In 2017, we seem to feel more comfortable talking about toxic masculinity than about masculinity itself, and in July we hope to change that. As always, guest posts are welcome; leave a message in the comments or contact

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