July: Talkin ’bout my generation

This July we want to start a conversation about age, aging, youth and the generation gap in LGBTQ+ communities.

Each month, as well as news, views, and reviews, we try to look at a topic in a little more depth here at The Queerness. Throughout July we will be talking about, my, yours, our generations. About aging, and age gaps, being left behind, or left out, as you get older, loneliness and looking for love on a scene that seems to be obsessed with youth. Do we turn a blind eye to underage sex when its queer underage sex?  Are LGBTQ+ people invisible after a certain age? Are younger queers sick of being told they must respect their elders? What would LGBTQ+ activism look like if an entire generation of our most challenging thinkers had not been lost to AIDS? These difficult conversations are all too often  swept under the carpet, as either a distraction or too tricky to get into.

As well as posts by our regular writers we want to encourage guest writers, so if this topic excites your interest, get in touch with us either using the comments form here or @TheQueerness on Twitter.

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